Wagon Bar Exclusive Rail Terminal

This project is defined and implemented on an area of seventeen thousand square meters in the land of Sarakhs Railway.

Part of the project's capacities are: The large platform, which has wide and normal rail lines for transshipment of Russian, Turkish and Iranian bound wagons on its both sides , Weighbridge with high accuracy  , covered warehouse , Administrative and customs offices and control systems with precise care.
You can see our exclusive rail terminal location here.

Forwarding Services

Rail Freight

Wagon Bar group is a leading international transport company specially in rail freight, having created mutual connections to Iranian rail way experts and by cooperation its active

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Road Freight

International road transportation is specialization of group of companies “Wagon Bar” The group provides a full range of services for the delivery of goods by road

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Sea Freight

International sea freight forwarding services not only arranges for appropriate vessels but also handles the related formalities along with constant tracking of the shipment while

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Air Freight

As we know that “urgency, speed, reliability, safety and timely deliveries“ are the fundamental elements for air freight shipments, our air freight team has indepth

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Second Exclusive Terminal

The second Wagon Bar exclusive rail terminal is under construction, located at Sarakh border, CLICK HERE and see the location on google map. This company hopes to revive a part

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These days all over the world was affected by pandemic of COVID -19 & accordingly some borders and territories may refuse accepting cargoes, but WAGON BAR GROUP delighted

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